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What makes your life meaningful

Nithin A.F, Consultant Psychologist ,SUT Hospital, Pattom

Mankind today has better wherewithal and resources to lead a higher quality of life today than it was ever possible in the known history of Homo sapiens. But the satisfaction of people is lower than ever. Loneliness and a meaningless life are the main reasons behind the increase in rates of mental health problems such as suicide, depression, anxiety and hopelessness. These make life mechanical and then lead to boredom. After that, no matter what you do, you will not get happiness. And many people become disillusioned when they try to implement new ideas about life.

Foreign countries like Japan, UK etc. have already included a minister (Minister of Loneliness) in the cabinet to take necessary measures to overcome the loneliness of the people. That means loneliness is a universal problem. Most people today are alone in a crowd. Social media connects people but doesn’t really bring them closer.

Most posts on social media do not reflect real life; so many people try to artificially gain social recognition. After posting continuously like this, after a long time, they themselves will start feeling bored. Because no matter how much they try to hide the contradiction between what they think, say and do, the truth and reality keep coming out, causing them great discomfort.

And while proceeding in this way, it will be difficult to establish sincere relationships with other people. The fact is that social media has exacerbated this problem. Therefore, it is possible to solve this loneliness only if direct personal relationships, especially marital and family relationships, are strengthened. Similarly, the gap between thinking, saying and doing should be managed accordingly. That means to be honest to ourselves.

Many postmodern social concepts of life are focused on temporary pleasure. Because of this, many people are unable to find the meaning of life. Here lies the importance of the relationship between self-discipline and meaning in life. Instead of thinking and blaming about our rights, lacks and shortcomings, utilizing every opportunity will help us to create meaning in life through self-responsible performance.

I wish that everyone can achieve more mental health by making life a little more meaningful and active.