Oral Oncosurgery

The Department caters to the needs of oral cancer patients from all across Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The department runs OPD as well as minor and major OT throughout the week. New cases and follow-ups of old cases are done in OPD. In minor OT; dressing, biopsies, extraction and various minor surgical procedures are being performed whereas major cases are taken up in major OT.

Oral Cancer

Head and neck cancer is the sixth most common cancer worldwide. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is one of the most common head and neck malignancies, characterized by a highly invasive capacity, spread to regional lymph nodes (glands in the neck), and high recurrence rate, which primarily occurs due to deleterious habits such as tobacco and alcohol consumption. Early diagnosis and treatment can save the lives of patients and at SUT, we have the best doctors and infrastructure to help you regain your life.


  1. The goal of our initial evaluation is to gather all of the information needed to create a treatment plan that is tailor made for our patients. We use a variety of standardized tools and interview techniques to undertake appropriate screening and assessment for preparing the plan.
  2. Our doctors will examine the current stage of the patient to determine which stage the patient is in and will formulate a treatment plan.
  3. Our experienced surgeons perform minor surgical procedures in our sufficiently equipped Minor OT/similar treatment rooms.
  4. Major surgical procedures are performed in Major OT. We are equipped with instruments such as state of the art surgical microscopes for surgeries including microvascular reconstructive surgeries. We rely on sophisticated 3D planning techniques for reconstructive surgeries and are the first and the only centre in Trivandrum to do so.
  5. Postoperative care is provided to our patients in exclusive oncology wards to reduce complications such as infections.
  6. Post surgery care includes Assessment, preparation and management of oral cavity (mouth) before,during and after radiation and chemo therapies. Preparation of prostheses, which may be required as a result of surgery, radiation and chemo therapies.