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Abortion in first three months

Monsoon Diseases & Road Accidents
Lung Cancer

Emergency Medicine
Dangerous indications shown in newborns
Psychoogical Immunity
Pregnancy detection

Lung diseases in children
AIDS Awareness

World AIDS Day 2021

Menstrual Disorders: Types, Causes & Symptoms
Kidney disease & COVID-19
Winter rash: Causes, treatment, and prevention
Child Brain Development 0-6 Months
Diabetes During Pregnancy: Diet Tips
Lung disease in old age
World Diabetes Day
Risks of abortion
Allergies - Symptoms and causes
Cervical cancer - Symptoms and causes
Feeding your baby: When to start with solid foods
How to Take Care of Newborn Baby
Stroke symptoms
Know the symptoms of stroke
How to prevent stroke
Osteoporosis; Causes and Symptoms
How to take care of children
Symptoms of Kidney failure
Different types of Allergy
Global Handwashing Day - October 15 | Talk by Col. Rajeev Mannali
World hand washing day | Talk by Col. Rajeev Mannali
Kidney Health and Kidney Disease
How to recover from Arthritis?
World Arthritis Day
Breast Cancer Awareness
How to look after your mental health?| Talk by Col. Rajeev Mannali
World Mental Health Day
Allergies symptoms
COVID-19 And Risk To Smokers
Healthy Eating During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Precautions against coronavirus for children going to school
How to protect your heart
How many liters of water should you drink a day?
This methods are very good for the health care of the Covid period
This is because women need to pay attention to their health
Acidity should be controlled through diet
Talk on Brain Tumor Day | DR. NAVAS | NEURO SURGEON
Why not have a safe delivery? Is it better to avoid a cesarean?
How to control Blood Pressure
Monsoon diseases | How to take care
Kidney Disease | Prevention | Treatment
Pulse OxyMeter reading will not be accurate if wave form Vary,Watch out these things
Save your life during this covid time | Talk by Col.Rajeev Mannali
Prostate Gland | Urinary Problems | Dr. Nandagopal V, Urologist
Pulse oximeter test | Things to look out for
Heart Diseases | Prevention | Health tips
Epilepsy Disease | Dr Susanth M J
How to use Pulse Oxymeter | Dr. Aswathy , Pulmonologist
PCOD diet: Foods to eat and avoid | Preethi R Nair, Nutritionist
Doctor's breathing advice to ease COVID19 symptoms | Dr.Mrinal S Pillai
Diet can cause diabetes. Be careful | Dr. Preethi R Nair
Kidney Disease | Treatments
Kidney Stones | Treatments | Symptoms
International Nurses Day | SUT Pattom
Instant oxygen | SUT - CAO Colonel congratulates Government
The biggest challenge facing nurses during the Covid era | International Nurses Day 2021 | SUT
'Nurses: A Voice to Lead - A vision for future healthcare' | International Nurses Day 2021 | SUT
Greetings to the angels | International Nurses Day | Col.Rajeev Mannali
How capable the state is of surviving covid‌ | Col.Rajeev Mannali
Covid Second Wave and Pregnancy | Dr. Lakshmi Ammal
Benefit of double mask
Effect of Time duration between two dosage of vaccine
This cancer spreads fast | Symptoms & Treatment
Seconds to save a life| World Hand Hygiene Day, May 5
Misconception on asthma | Dr. Aswathy -Pulmonologist
World Hand Hygiene Day 2021 | Tips to keep your hands clean for healthy living
Talk Show | World Hand Hygiene Day | Dr. Shareek P. S.
Asthma symptoms and treatment | Dr Ann Mary Jacob
Pollen to Smoking; reasons which leads to Asthma | Dr. Annakutty Jacob
Hand Hygiene Awareness by SUT | World Hand Hygiene Day May 5th
Talk Show | World Asthma Day | Dr. Ann Mary Jacob
World Asthma Day | Dr Ann Mary Jacob
Careful about Summer Food l Preethi R Nair | Chief Clinical Nutritionist
Specialisation in Gynaecology Department l Ft Dr P Lekshmy Ammal