Clinical Oncology


SUT is changing the course of cancer care by removing the barriers that separate patients from accessing world class treatment and breakthrough research.

Our collaborative team approach and treatment means we focus on you and your particular cancer. Here doctors care for you not just your results. And with one of the best internationally acclaimed treatment protocols we are able to deliver personalised care where they are needed most – no matter who you are no matter where you are.

The motto of the BRCCC is “Together we can beat cancer”. By “together” we mean the patient, the care-giver and the family. It is basically a multi-disciplinary approach , which consists of Oncosurgeon, Clinical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Oncopathologist, Radiologist and Chemotherapy Nurse on one side and the psychologist, counsellor, dietician and the therapist on the other.We provide state of the art faculty for Cancer surgery, Cancer chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Cancer Immunotherapy, Radiation therapy(outsourced), Palliative care and other supportive treatments. Patients can get valuable second opinion from our multi disciplinary team.