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Beauty care through innovative methods – Cosmetic Gynaecology

Dr. Simi Haris, Consultant Gynecologist & Cosmetic Gynecologist ,SUT Hospital, Pattom

Cosmetic gynaecology is a very innovative concept. Nowadays it is a treatment method which is getting a lot of attention among women. While gynaecology focuses on uterine diseases and problems related to childbirth, cosmetic gynaecology focuses on the beauty and healthy functioning of women’s private parts which increases their confidence.

Let’s see when women need the help of a cosmetic gynaecologist. Adolescent girls with PCOD and hormone-related problems may appear to have differences in private parts (size differences, colour differences, excessive hair growth etc). This condition may disturb them mentally and seriously affect their studies and social interactions. We need to listen carefully and understand these issues. All this can be resolved very simply and painlessly through cosmetic gynaecology. This can improve their confidence level.

Next, cosmetic gynaecology focuses on physical differences during pregnancy and postpartum. These changes may or may not change over time. Stretch marks are a problem for many people. All these problems can be done painlessly with a laser as an OP procedure to reduce and restore shape.

Similarly, vaginal laxity is a problem that many women experience but are afraid to open up. Often there are many couples whose family relationships are broken and cannot be resolved. The most suitable solution for them is possible through cosmetic gynaecology. This can be resolved painlessly with a laser treatment. Along with this, their intimate health or physical relationship and emotional intimacy become stronger and happier.

The main attraction of cosmetic gynaecology is to find their sensitive spots and solve them as an OP procedure using local injections to resolve such problems in women. These are common issues, but many hesitate because they do not have the context and circumstances for it, and no one is willing to listen to them. Even if the women open up with these problems, it is often taken for granted and discouraged. But today all this is remedied by cosmetic gynaecology.

Stress incontinence is a problem that many women experience when they sneeze, cough or laugh excessively. Even though these can be solved by the scientific method, now a painless solution is possible with cosmetic gynaecology using laser treatment techniques.

When problems of women are understood and solved through cosmetic gynaecology, it increases their mental happiness and self-confidence and also makes their family life and social life enjoyable