Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is a medical specialty which stresses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of nonsurgical conditions in adults. This specialty has a number of subspecialties varying from nephrology to immunology.

A doctor who is certified in this specialization is treated as an internist. Many adults around the world consider internists as their primary care physicians.

  • One of the premier departments in our hospital providing comprehensive medical care to various ailments. We offer comprehensive health solutions comparable to the best hospitals in the region.
  • We offer outpatient, inpatient and emergency care services 24 x 7.
  • There is a dedicated team of physicians to provide the highest standards of medical care.
  • Our expertise in the prevention and management of a wide range of diseases like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia and other lifestyle disorders, thyroid and other endocrine disorders, Infectious diseases, rheumatological and haematological disorders..
  • We offer efficient and effective patient centred approach in the management of multisystem diseases and is well equipped to handle medical emergencies.
  • Our hospital has 5 internists with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating several problems. All investigations pertaining to various medical problems are available in this institution. Our internists are also specialised in treating endocrinological & haematological disorders.