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Covid Vaccination: All you need to know

The Indian scientific community has come up with two most effective and reliable vaccines for covid-19, Covaxin and Covisheild. The two vaccines were released after a considerable amount of studies and feasibility tests across variants. Studies have shown that both the vaccine decrease the mortality rate and lower the chance of infected patients getting serious complications thus proving it to be the most reliable measure in containing the spread. Even Though the whole count of daily infected people has been controlled inΒ  the country after the third wave, our state is still in the grips of a serious spread of infection. Currently, Kerala has been leading the list of most infected for quite some time with no downward trend in flattening the curve.

Covishield is an mRNA or Messenger RNA vaccine. The vaccine is designed in a way that the ability of the adenovirus to multiply is eliminated. When the vaccine is injected, the virus multiplies in the body, causing a mild fever and body ache. It can be treated by having a Paracetamol tablet and by providing adequate food and sleep for the body. Covaxin is an inactivated virus. It is lifeless and cannot cause infection. Many of the vaccines usually given to children are inactivated viruses. Daily Covaxin centres in Trivandrum are now providing enough slots for a considerable population.

A section of our population is sceptical about getting vaccinated. Most of them fear the side effects while some others believe that vaccines are no good. For all vaccination, the medical authority at the vaccine centre will observe the person for half an hour including children after the vaccine is injected. The purpose of observation is to find a condition that is very rarely seen, called anaphylactic shock which may lead to lowering of Blood Pressure. In that case, the person needs to lie down on a bed until normalcy is regained with adrenaline treatment. Adrenaline treatment is made available at all vaccination centres in Trivandrum. SUT Multi-speciality hospital Pattom has installed a specialised vaccination centre in the hospital for the convenience of all.

People with Covid infection should be vaccinated only after three months from the date of testing negative. If one experiences fever or any other side effect after having the second dose, seeking medical help will be the most appropriate thing to do. People arriving in India after having the first dose abroad can have the second dose in India now.

In the current situation of the state, the medical authority of the country suggests vaccinating everyone above the age of 18 as the only solution for lowering the numbers. The Indian Medical research team is studying the vaccination possibility for children above the age of 12 years. Every day various vaccination centres in Trivandrum are opened with a considerable number of slots. Kindly get vaccinated and stay healthy.

The recommended dose of vaccine is 0.5 ml for both Covishield and Covaxin. The second dose has to be taken 84 and 28 days respectively after the first dose.