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July 23, 2024

Empowering Teenagers: A Guide to Independence in Decision-Making, Financial Stability, and Life Management

As teenagers transition into young adults, one of the most crucial aspects of their development is learning to be independent. This journey involves skills in decision-making, […]
July 23, 2024

Increase in Violence among Youngsters: Psychological Causes and Management

In recent years, there has been a concerning rise in violence among youngsters, prompting a closer examination of its management and underlying psychological causes. This phenomenon […]
July 23, 2024

Stroke Aftercare: Managing Primary and Secondary Complications with Physiotherapy

Stroke, a leading cause of disability worldwide, requires comprehensive aftercare to address primary and secondary complications effectively. Physiotherapy plays an important role in stroke rehabilitation, aiding […]
July 23, 2024

Pre-Marital Counselling for Females: The Role of a Gynaecologist

In contemporary times, the concept of pre-marital counselling has gained significant importance, especially for females. This counselling serves as a vital tool in preparing individuals for […]
July 18, 2024

Understanding Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a common procedure for individuals suffering from severe knee pain and impaired mobility due to arthritis, injury, […]
July 15, 2024

Bonding Through Fetal Movements: The Emotional Connection between Mother and Baby

Pregnancy is a miraculous journey filled with various milestones, one of which is feeling your baby move inside you. Fetal movements are not just precious moments […]
July 15, 2024

Mesenteric Adenitis in Children: Understanding Symptoms, Causes, and Management

Mesenteric adenitis is a condition that primarily affects children and adolescents, causing abdominal discomfort and sometimes mimicking appendicitis. Symptoms in Children Abdominal Pain: Usually localized in […]
July 15, 2024

A Comprehensive Diet Plan to Control Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common condition that affects many individuals worldwide. While medication plays a crucial role in managing hypertension, adopting a healthy […]
July 8, 2024

Understanding Drug Abuse: From Novelty Seeking to Addiction

Drug abuse is a pervasive issue that encompasses various substances and behaviours, from alcohol dependence to gaming disorder. Novelty Seeking and Drug Abuse Novelty seeking refers […]